The online casino establishment, back in the days when it first started expanding, was lacking players in order to create the necessary traffic. In order to lure them out of the land-based casinos and onto the virtual casino floor, these operators came up with a number of offers, mostly in the form of bonuses.

Throughout the years, bonuses and their wagering requirements have been largely altered, for one of two reasons. Some operators alter bonuses in order to attract more players, or to fit a certain promotion that is active on their platform, while others tend to get something out of it for the house at the same time as pleasing the player base. In this regard, there are two contrasting bonus types which are extremely common for the casino floor – sticky and non-sticky bonuses.

What’s a Sticky Bonus?

The sticky bonus is a specific bonus format that has been employed across online casinos in recent times in order to appeal to players with its hefty reward, and at the same time, remain beneficial to the house. It is basically like any other deposit match bonus, with the sole distinction of a few different terms in the wagering requirements. Namely, these bonuses are called sticky because they are not cashable – the casino awards the bonus match and allows players to bet and win with it, and even withdraw their initial deposit and winnings after meeting the requirements. However, the bonus cannot be withdrawn and normally stays in the online casino player account for future bets.

Some casinos distinguish two different subtypes of sticky casino bonuses – disappearing and expiring. The former are the type of sticky bonus that disappears from your player account as soon as you make your initial withdrawal after meeting the wagering requirements. Bet as much as you can with these, because once you cash out, they’re gone.

What’s a Non-Sticky Bonus?

Contrary to the first type of bonus, the non-sticky offer is considered more player-oriented. This is because, unlike the sticky bonus, this one allows players to withdraw the bonus money along with the deposit and winnings. As a result, players are encouraged to think that they receive more this way, although both offers are originally made to their advantage.

Non-sticky bonuses also come in several types, but these are normally distinguished based on the type of player they refer to – novice players getting a bonus match on their initial deposit, or regulars being rewarded for their loyalty.

Sticky vs. Non-Sticky – How to Choose?

Both casino bonuses are aimed at boosting players’ bankrolls under different terms, so all it takes is to make the choice and start benefiting from it. On the one hand, sticky bonuses offer a higher bonus match percentage, making up for the fact that they can only play with the cash, but not withdraw it. The non-sticky bonuses that do have terms applying directly to the bonus amount and its withdrawal offer lower bonus match percentages, but easier requirements.