How to Play Keno CA

Keno is a casino game that many have heard of, but fewer have played. Many online casinos in Canada are famous for their variety of online slot games or table games – and that’s what most players tend to try out. However, most online casino sites offer keno as well – and it’s a pretty exciting game! If you do want to play keno online then you need to know how it works. This lottery-based game, sometimes referred to as the Chinese Lottery, works in a similar way to Bingo – and is very simple. There are practically no rules for keno players to learn – and few strategies to worry about.

Keno online offers as much fun and excitement as pretty much all online Slots and slots – and offers players the chance to win some big real money wins from just small bets. You can enjoy free play keno and real money keno at practically all good online casinos in Canada.

The great thing about playing Keno at online casinos is the fact that you can get in more practice and try out different games. Although the prizes won’t be as big as winning the lottery, there’s more chance of actually getting a win.

What’s more, Keno games are fast and exciting – and you get your keno results much quicker than lottery results. You pick your lucky numbers, play your bet amount and the winning numbers are drawn straight away. This means you can play many games very quickly – from your desktop online casino or mobile!

How to Play Keno

Playing Keno

So, how does a Keno draw work? Well, the good news is that like most other lottery games, keno is easy. To get started, simply check out our list of top online casino sites for keno, register a new casino account and claim your welcome bonus.

Several different casino software providers offer keno draws, so pick your preferred game. In most keno game variations, there are 80 keno balls all consecutively numbered – however, this can be more or less depending on the game.

As is the case with the lottery or bingo, the aim of the game is to try and guess which random keno balls will be drawn. When selecting numbers you can choose twenty numbers maximum – and you need to decide which numbers you choose.

First, you need to choose the bet amount – then choose how many numbers you want to play. When you have chosen your numbers you then just need to hit ‘play’. As soon as you hit ‘play’, twenty numbers will be randomly selected. If these match your own random numbers then your luck is in – and you will get the corresponding payout. If they don’t match your chosen numbers then you lose.

Betting on a Keno Game: The Rules

As stated previously, keno is a very simple game with very few rules that you need to know. Although having said that, there are still some rules and tips you will need to be aware of:

  • Firstly – many variants of keno will have 80 numbers – some will have less and some will have more numbers, but that’s the standard number of balls.
  • You then need to select the amount you want to wager per number. Depending on the online casino and game variant in question, there may be a minimum or maximum amount you can wager.
  • The more keno numbers you wager on, the higher the total cost of your wager. The more money it will cost and the better odds of getting a win.
  • Most keno game variants will ask to wager on a minimum of two numbers and a maximum of ten.
  • The more numbers you match when playing the round, the bigger your prize.

The Winning Ticket – Keno Strategies

There are no ways to guarantee prize winnings and big payouts. You cannot guarantee that your numbers will be drawn. Keno is a game, found on many a good casino site – that is purely a game of chance… no skill involved. However, there are a few ways of increasing your chance of a payout – and the chance of getting a prize-winning ticket.

First strategy: look at the game house edge. Like any game at a casino site, different variants have a different house edge. If you’re looking for a winning bet then choose the keno game with the lowest house edge – thus giving you the highest probability and best odds of getting a win.

Second strategy: Take these factors into account when choosing your numbers – choosing numbers that haven’t been drawn for a while. Also, because the odds of winning and the size of the payout depends on how many numbers you bet on, it’s best to wager on between four to eight numbers only.

Play Multi-Race Cards

You may happen to find a keno site that provides their keno players with ‘multi-race cards’. You can use these to pick specific keno numbers that you can use over a number of consecutive draws, which makes it quicker and more convenient. Although it saves time, you can’t change your ticket numbers until all of these games have come to an end.

Other Strategies

The biggest strategy for playing keno is to understand the game – and know the different types of keno games, so that you know which ones give you more chance of getting winnings and payouts. Learn the different games and learn their rules. The best way to do this is in free play or demo mode. You can practice all the different variants without spending your own money – although you can’t get a payout from any wins! It just gives you a better feel for the games and understand more about playing the game and winning a prize.

When you do start playing for real money, it’s always good to start small. You can then increase your bet when you win a payout and decrease your wager when you lose. This isn’t a guaranteed way to win a payout (as you can’t necessarily win keno every time), but it helps your chances. Ultimately, keno, like all jackpot games and lotteries, is a game of chance and no strategy can be held responsible if it doesn’t work for you.

Also, remember to only bet what you can afford to lose. Money management strategies are important so that you never chase losses at any casino game – and bet in line with your set limits. Another one of our tips is to understand the language of Keno…

Understanding Keno Terminology

One of our above-mentioned tips was to understand how keno works and that means understanding Keno terminology. Here are some of the random phrases and terms you may well come across when playing the game:

  • Aggregate Limit: This is the total amount that any casino will payout in one round of keno.
  • Keno Paytable: This is the table that shows you the size of the prize in each game of keno.
  • All or Nothing Keno Ticket: You will only get a prize payout if the Random Number Generator draws all of your chosen numbers or none of them.
  • Number Pool: The amount of numbers you have to choose from in the keno game – normally 1 to 80.
  • The Spot: The numbers played on your keno ticket.
  • Catch a Number: This is when the RNG draws one of your selected numbers.

The History of Keno

When you play keno, it’s good to understand how the game came about originally. The game is ancient and was said to have originated in China – starting with 80 Chinese characters. In a similar way to the modern lottery games, it was believed to be a way of generating money for the country. However, in those days it was to fund wars and battles… with some believing it was also used to fund the building of the Great Wall of China.

The game was first officially licensed in 1847 by the Portuguese Rulers of Macau. However, it travelled outside of China back when Chinese immigrants started work on US railroads. This was when it became more like keno as we know it. Chinese symbols were replaced with numbers and this is when the popularity spread – and it travelled all around the globe until it found its way to online casinos over here in Canada. Now the game can be played from wherever you are, thanks to online casino apps on mobile, and laptops.

Keno Frequently Asked Questions

Are Keno Games All Fair and Trustworthy?

If you sign up for a trusted and reputable casino site to play keno then you can rest assured that the keno game will be fair and trustworthy. All of our recommended casinos are proven fair and have the transparency and trustworthiness of their games tested regularly. The numbers are selected randomly by a Random Number Generator, which means that they cannot be manipulated. This also means that the chance of a number being selected in one round is exactly the same as being selected in the previous or next round – or any game afterwards. Keno games are as fair as any other casino game you can find at an online casino.

What Are the Odds of Winning a Keno Game?

This very much depends on how many numbers you choose to add to your ticket, along with the number of keno balls in the game. The more keno balls in the game, the lower the odds of winning. The more numbers you select to play on your ticket, the more chance you have of winning – so the higher the odds of winning. This means that the amount of risk you take is up to you. Picking one number in an eighty ball game will offer lower odds of winning than ten numbers from a sixty ball game. The payout will correspond with the odds. The higher the odds, the lower the payout and vice versa.

How do I Decide Which Keno Casino to Join?

Check out our top list of great keno casino sites, which will all offer an excellent keno game experience. All of these sites are trustworthy and transparent… the rest is a personal preference. We would recommend that you look at the different casino bonuses available at each of the casinos. You should also check out the game variety available and layout of the site so that you know you are choosing a casino that offers everything you are looking for – not just keno. Read our full casino reviews so that you know what to expect from your chosen online casino before signing up and making a first deposit.

What is the Difference Between Keno and Lotteries?

Not much – apart from the odds of winning and the size of the payout. Generally, the Keno game works on the same principle as a lottery game – you choose numbers and see if they match the chosen numbers. However, the chance of winning a keno game is higher than the chance of hitting the lottery jackpot – and as such you will win less. Both are games of chance that rely on the luck of the draws!

How do I Win the Keno Jackpot?

There is no guaranteed way to win a keno jackpot payout. The game is a matter of luck. You have a higher chance of winning though, based on how many numbers you choose and the house edge of the variant you play. The optimum number of numbers to play is between four and eight.

What are the Best Tips for Keno?

Although no tips will guarantee a win, the best strategy we recommend is to know the rules and different variants of the game. Understand how the amount of numbers you choose affects your winning potential and read up on house edge. We would recommend playing the games for free in demo mode before playing real money.

What Payout Do I Get for a Keno Win?

This depends on how many numbers you choose and the game you play. Check out the game paytable so that you know what payout you can win for the game you are playing.