Jackpot City: Best payout slots to play

Jackpot City: Best Payout Slots to Play

Jackpot City is a casino that has been around for more than two decades. You can imagine that it would certainly have some of the best games going on the market, as authenticity in the online casino world attracts a large gaming catalogue.

With new titles coming out from the best slot game providers all the time, it can be difficult to keep up-to-date with those that are worth your time and those that are not. So, for that reason we decided to put together some of Jackpot City’s best payout slots for you to entertain yourself with and aim for a bigger payout. It is important to always select slot games that have higher return to player percentages (RTP), as that will entail a smaller house edge, meaning more should theoretically end up in your pocket. Below we have put together some of Jackpot City’s best paying games to play on.

Goblins Cave

Goblin’s Cave

First game to check out is the title Goblin’s Cave from Playtech. This one has been a reigning winner on the iGaming front since its release in 2012, for its high RTP value of 99.32%. If you decide to play this game, there will only be a 0.68% house edge, meaning for every $100 wagered, you will theoretically get $99.32 back!

The game theme itself is based around the treasure and the horrors of Goblins. While the slot game is a typical classical machine, you will still be able to take advantage of bonus features that come integrated within the 3 by 3 game. Many who play it say they see similarities between the Harry Potter films and their use of goblins within Gringotts bank. Therefore, if you are into the magical world of wizards, this certainly could be an additional game to dive into. Especially with the high payout potential and the fixed jackpot of 150x the maximum wager.

Ugga Bugga Slot

Ugga Bugga

The next slot to check out on Jackpot City, is the Ugga Bugga slot title from Playtech. Reeling in at 99.07% RTP, players looking to maximise their payout when playing will have a good chance, as the slot is classified as a low volatility one, meaning you can expect payouts to come to you pretty frequently.

The slot machine itself is as simple as they come, with a classical 3-reel slot structure. Unlike Goblin’s Cave, you will find that there are no bonus rounds to entertain yourself with when you play the online slot. Bonus rounds do increase your likelihood of winning some payouts on Slots, but considering it is a classical slot, that is probably why Playtech did not integrate too much into a game that is supposed to be simple, light and easy to play.

mega joker slot

Mega Joker

Coming from NetEnt, we have Mega Joker which is a slot that goes by your traditional fruit-themed design. The slot machine is made up of 5-reels however, and has an RTP value of 99% exactly. Unlike the other two online Slots we have mentioned, this game has a high variance meaning you will need to play for longer to get a chance of payout, as they are less frequent. With high variance slots, you can get larger payouts, due to the fact the payout does not happen so often.

There are over three bonus features integrated within the theme too, with wild symbols, a Gamble Mode and the Supermeter Bonus mode which can allow you to access specific payout symbols more easily when the feature is activated. Of course, the prize of this game is the Mega Joker Jackpot, which has been known to promise players a weekly payout of around $30,000 give or take.

Tropic Reels Slot

Tropic Reels

Last but not least, The Tropic Reels slot from Playtech is yet another slot game you need to add to your list of best payout slots to play at Jackpot City. With a classical slot set-up of 3 by 5, the game comes with a 2500 coins jackpot and wild symbols for its bonus feature. At 98.95% RTP, this puts it right near the top of all-time games that give you the highest theoretical payout percentage. With a medium volatility and variance, the frequency of payouts are average, alongside the size of winning payouts that you can make for yourself.

This game is certainly a good one to start off with for Jackpot City’s best payout slots, as wagers can start from as little as $0.01, all the way up to $150.