Casino Heroes is not your typical, everyday online casino operator, and there is a good chance anyone who has visited their site has already come to the same conclusion. While the home page greets you with a preview of the mythical land and part of its inhabitants, there is much more to the adventure than meets the eye. Just reading about the thrilling experience makes you want to sign up; trying it for real will get you the journey of a lifetime, straight from your computer or mobile device screen.

The Casino Heroes Adventure Storyline

Every adventure has a storyline, and while Casino Heroes give their players the courtesy to unravel the adventure at their liking, there are a few basics to it. Namely, the player’s adventure starts upon sign up, as soon as they choose their avatar – there are three different islands that you need to pass in order to reach the ultimate goal. Players can switch between islands freely, as their progress is saved and shown as a total on the top left side of the screen.

The Finance Bit

The mythical land of the Casino Heroes islands has its home currency – Rubbies, and going through the games selection will get you quite the jewels collection, all stored in the player’s Treasure Chest. Throughout your game play, the Chest will contain any funds, winnings or even Bonus Spins you might receive and store them until used or expired. You can experience all this, and win even more, with nothing but a minimum bet at the slots starting at €0.20 per spin.

Clashing With the Bosses

Each island contains regions which are individually dominated by bosses – some harder and others easier to beat. Regardless, each round offers the chance to fight, as players are presented 9 clickable boxes, each containing one of five outcomes – Rubbies, Bonus Spins, Health, Weapon or Boss. The Health will increase your health bar at the top left corner, while giving you more power to decrease the boss’ health, marked on the opposite side. Uncovering a Weapon will get you an addition to the weapon inventory, each containing a different number of strikes (1 to 3) marked by lightning bolts by the weapon’s symbol.

Should you click and uncover a Boss, their attack will reduce you by one health point, but as long as you have weapons and strikes, you can click to fight back. The point of winning the region is to get the Boss’ health down to zero, but it’s not that bad even if you fail at first – the Boss game is practically considered as a bonus round, so you would simply lose the winnings from the fight and go back to the region with a chance to win some more before the next showdown. A player win, on the other hand, beats the Boss and allows them to collect all winnings before transferring them to the next region and the suitable opponent at the end of that endeavour.