Is Casumo Safe?

How to win on Casumo: A quick guide

While winning at any casino is every gamblers dream, there are things we can incorporate within our playing strategy that give us a better edge mathematically, to have a chance in doing so. Casumo is a casino that operates with over 1600 games in its game portfolio, many of which are slot games, and classical casino games that branch into table games. Whenever you set out to win, you will of course know that you are playing against a Random Number Generator, which of course does not make winning a straightforward process.

There is no fool-proof solid way of guaranteeing a win when you play on Casumo, however there are ways you can improve your gameplay strategy to improve your chances of winning on Slots and other casino games. Continue reading to know all the ways on how to win on Casumo.

First rule: Play games with a low house edge

By taking the time to select games that have a low house edge, you are picking the highest relative odds that are in your favour. Casino games will always take a percentage of the winnings that you are due to be paid out, and it is vital you know that actual value before you risk and wager anything within casino games.

A great example we can refer to is when you play slot games. Online Slots will always have a figure called the RTP (return to player), and this is a percentage out of 100. The higher the RTP is, the more you are theoretically expected to be paid out in comparison for what is kept to the house, for what you have wagered. For example, if you are playing the highest RTP slot games, Blood Suckers or Dragon Dance, on Casumo; both have a 98% RTP value, you can theoretically expect CA$98 for every CA$100 that you stake. The other CA$2 or 2% is what the house will get to keep and therefore referred to as the house edge. So, to give yourself the higher advantage, always opt to select games that have a higher payout ratio, and smaller house edge.

Use bonuses to add to your bankroll

Bonuses and promotions are an easy way to increase your bankroll when you play casino games. You will find that Casumo has relatively great casino bonus promotions that can be used to your advantage, such as the current CA$300 and 20 free spins match bonus that is available to new players. Welcome bonuses such as these present to you with a large sum to play with, and less risk presented to you, since you are not actually losing real money that is directly out of your wallet.

Once you have finished your new player bonus, you can always extend those opportunities by becoming a part of the loyalty schemes that Casumo presents. Operating via a point weighted scheme, the more you play with Casumo, the more rewards will come your way, varying from free playing credit, free spins and much more!

Bonus buy slot games

We all know how slot games possess winning features when you get the chance of having a go on the bonus features integrated within a game. The difficulty with that being said is, usually slot game bonus features appear very rarely, meaning you will need to count your chances in the hope of landing one. One of the biggest advantages that Casumo provides to slot enthusiasts is the ability of being able to purchase the bonus buy slot game feature within certain slot games.

How this option works is by paying a stake into the game (usually around 50-150x). You will instantly be given access to the game’s bonus feature, which increasingly gives you a better chance of winning. Games that Casumo offer that provide the buy-in feature include: Money Train, Hammer of Vulcan, Dead or Alive 2 and many more!